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Each year, tens of thousands of people die from colon cancer. That's a sad truth, and it's even more saddening because most of those men and women could still be alive if they had gotten their recommended cancer screenings. In fact, it's estimated that 60 to 90 percent of colon cancer deaths could be prevented if everyone over 45 got a colonoscopy.

Why a Colonoscopy?

Simply put, a colonoscopy is the best way to check for colon cancer. It's the only screening exam that not only checks for cancer but also treats it by removing cancerous polyps. Not only that, you can expect the procedure and the recovery to both be pain free!

As of May 2018, due to an increased incidence of colon cancer in younger adults, it is recommended by the American Cancer Society to start regular screening at age 45, or younger if you have a family history of colon cancer. Based on the results, your doctor can tell you when to get checked again in the future.

Make Your Health a Priority

If you're over 45, don't put off colon cancer screening any longer.  You could get a FREE screening colonoscopy? Sounds a little too good to be true, right? But did you know that as part of Affordable Care Act (ACA), screening colonoscopies are now mostly or fully covered by Medicare and many private insurers? The best screening tool for preventing and diagnosing colon cancer is available to many individuals for free!

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What Are The Symptoms?

Colon cancer will often present no symptoms and can be fatal if diagnosed late. Should symptoms occur, they may include:

  • Blood in your stool
  • A change in bowel habits
  • Unexplained pain in your stomach
  • A lump in your abdomen
  • Reduced appetite or unexplained weight loss
  • Dizziness, tiredness or breathlessness

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